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To Moon the Congregation

In case you're wondering if the title of this post happens to be some sort of metaphor for something, let me assure you, it's not.

 Sunday morning dawned, bringing with it a sick Savannah (my oldest, age 7). She kept complaining about a hurting stomach and was soon throwing up.

It was decided that daddy would stay home with her, and despite his best efforts to convince me to take Claira as well, the baby (age 9 months) stayed home with daddy too. Somehow he has failed to understand that I can only be bribed with chocolate.

So I only had the three middle kids (ages 3, 4, 5) to handle on my own. Pah... cake, right?

Unfortunately by poor choice on my part, Alayna (age 3) was dressed in a loose fitting brown skirt.

Near the end of Sacrament meeting, Alayna, who had been coloring next to me, stood up in her seat to sit on my lap. Turns out the edge of her skirt was caught under her boot which subsequently pulled both her skirt AND her undies down, flashing her cute and naturally tan bare little bum for all the congregation to see.

Pshaw! Some people have all the luck.

The naturally tan bum part, not the mooning the congregation part! Just so we're clear.

 Oh, and did I mention we were sitting only one row back from the front? In the middle section? Yea. Nice.

I glanced back to see a couple people drop their jaws and burst out into quiet laughter.

So. Totally. Awesome.  

The only thing I had going for me was the little old ladies sitting directly behind us were mostly asleep and seemed to have missed the whole episode altogether.

Good thing too.

The last thing I want is to be responsible for giving one of them a heart attack.

You know, this brings back memories of the time Alayna pulled my skirt down in the middle of church....


Serene is a mom of five crazy kiddos who blogs about all her parenting misadventures at Serene is my name, Not my life! She is also a freelance artist so be sure to view her portfolio page!

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