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Finding Peace, Hope, and Healing {what got me through}

 Editors Note: We have had numerous people send us their story of how they are coping with their spouse and pornography. Overwhelming what we are hearing is that they are so glad to know that they "aren't alone." It is a silent burden that women carry -- the burden of knowing the man they love also uses pornography. They hear the Prophets and Apostles speak of "keeping the plague out of their homes" but they have no idea how to do that. And, as such they feel woefully alone. And terribly ashamed. Some even believe the adversary when he whispers "it's all your fault that he is doing this." 

Which we all know is lie. A big, fat hairy LIE.  

Sister Beck took the time to give us some excellent counsel on how, in practical terms, we can fight pornography. Click here to listen to what she has to say, and how the war chapters in the Book of Mormon can help us.

If you or someone you love it struggling with this particular issue, you can connect with many other LDS women who are facing this trial in an online forum for LDS women who are married to or dating men with pornography problems. Hope and Healing and more specifically their private online forum will help you come to understand that in deed, you're not alone!


Sara found out about her husband's pornography addiction a couple of years into her marriage. At first, she spent a lot of energy trying to "fix" her husband's addiction. But over time, she came to realize that she couldn't change or control her husband's behavior. She also realized she had her own recovery to work on. Through working on her recovery, she has found anger replaced with peace, growth, and feelings of gratitude. Where once she felt fear, jealousy, and a desire to control, she now feels optimism, serenity, and increased trust in God. She's shares how God has guided her through this trial, even inspiring her to do some things that surprised her.

Sara's story is a message of hope for any woman who may find herself in a similar situation. Peace, hope, and healing can be found regardless of the choices a loved one may make.

Recovery from Pornography Addiction is Possible from SA Lifeline Foundation on Vimeo

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