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Stuff We Found on the Internet

Here are some of our favorite finds from this past week.
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We were both sent this book by the author recently and our kids LOVE it! The art work in I Believe in Jesus Too is simply amazing.  My youngest carries the book with her everywhere and comes up with fantastic stories about Jesus based on the pictures in the book.

My favorite story she's come up with so far?

The aliens are coming to turn our minds into marshmallows and Jesus comes to save us.

OK. So I have some work to do on doctrine, but the fact that she's loving a book and using her creativity? Simply fantastic! You can order yours online from Deseret Book. Your kids (or grandkids) will thank you.


Here are a few of our favorite finds from this past week.
Check 'em and love 'em.


*we just liked the picture, but we can't remember where we found it.

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