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They are Growing

I was making Sunday Morning Scones this morning. As I began gathering the ingredients, I realized I had to double the recipe.

No longer can my little brood survive on a single batch of anything. I doubled the recipe, and every crumb was devoured.

We have gone to doubling.

Somewhere in the last nine years of marriage, my husband and I have made a family. We are a family of six, almost seven, and I have to double every recipe.

I blinked and am the mother of four boys and expecting our girl.

I am not playing house. I am raising children. They are growing and growing.

It is incredible to see my boys going from babies to children. They are people, real live, honest-to-goodness people! They have thoughts, dreams, opinions and desires.

They are growing.

Before I know it, I'll be doubling recipes unnecessarily. It'll be just the two of us again, and I'll still make way too much food.

And my children will call me on Sundays. And I'll remember these days of growing.

And I'll miss them.


Morgan lives with her boys and blogs when she should be sleeping. Come visit!

***photo credit: Morgan***

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