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FREE August 2012 Visiting Teaching Message Printable

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This month's Visiting Teaching Message is titled: Taking Action in Time of Need

As visiting teachers, one of our purposes is to help strengthen families and homes. The sisters we visit should be able to say, “If I have problems, I know my visiting teachers will help without waiting to be asked.”
I have been blessed with some really great Visiting Teachers in my life, and I know that if you take the time to pray for your sisters, you'll be inspired to help them in whatever capacity will bless both your lives.

There are two options for download, a digital PDF, or as an image. The PDF is an 8.5x11 digital file that can be printed at home very easily. The image file is for those of you who like to print things at Costco and whatnot.


HUGE thank you to Summer Driggs and her fantastic free digital scrapbook kits!
Remember, MMB printables are free for personal use only.  

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