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Love Yourself More

 I am small woman. I have always been a bit short and a bit petite. At girls camp I remember everyone sharing their favorite scripture. Me, not really understanding, shared that I always liked the verse “…that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass..” Obviously the message wasn’t referring to height here, but I always liked the idea that from someone or something little, something great or substantial could come about.

I love how the gospel can teach us the principle of “line upon line” we only need to have faith, take one step at a time and then with that effort and focus everything else will fall into place.

Testimonies grow day by day,. Habits are formed by taking that first step and love is cultivated by constant dedication and time.

Some people might be blessed with a genuine love and understanding of their divine self worth; however, for the vast majority of us we could all use a little help learning and remembering who we really are -- our divine worth. We all can learn how to be softer and more accepting of ourselves, our body types and be kinder to ourselves with how we think we look.

I know for me it can be a constant struggle. Some days I am happy with who I am and how I look, and other days I find myself wishing I could change this or that or the other. Change can be good but acceptance of self can be empowering. It is up to you to find the right balance between the two.

A while back I was watching a vlog where it was talking about a particular bloggers “imperfect perfections.” The part that really stuck with me was the part where people talk about what they used to not like about themselves, but now do like.

I used to hate my nose. I thought it was huge, unsightly and just plain awful. I wanted a new nose, however,  I have learned to like my nose. It's MY NOSE. It is an interesting nose and now I wouldn't want to change that nose because it is ME.

I know a lot of the fashion mind-set of today is to “conceal, camouflage and change.”

While that can be a good idea we have become so focused on what is “wrong, ugly, or different” about us  we overlook what is "good, unique and beautiful."

Today, and every day this month, I challenge you to look in the mirror and try to see what others see when they look at you. What is it that people compliment you on? What is it about yourself that you love?

Notice those things and find ways to enhance, embrace and embellish them.

Maybe you love your hair, so focus on that for the month and learn all about hair care. Learn how to treat your hair and how to make it healthy. Learn how to style it with new techniques or how to correctly use hair accessories. If you love your eyes then learn how to apply different eye shadow styles, learn how use eyeliner and eye-shadow colors that will make your eye color pop. Learn grooming techniques that will better flatter your eye shape. Maybe even wear some cute new glasses -- even if you don't need them -- that draw attention to your eyes. Eyeglass frames are all the rage right now -- you can get them at any local accessory shop.

If you are a runner and have killer legs, wear some gorgeous fitted colored jeans and heels. If you are a girl with curves then accentuate those curves with some belts and waist bands to draw attention to your hourglass shape. Accentuate the positive things about your body, personality and person. Do things that will help you love yourself more, help you be more creative and will encourage you to celebrate the real you.

Find those small and simple things about yourself this month and take a step towards self love. This month, really celebrate the beautiful parts of you and then keep checking back for my posts where I will help you celebrate the beauty within.  We will find fun, easy ways to emphasize the amazing things about you in a fashionable, inexpensive, modest way!

About the Author: Heather Anderson is our newest contributor. She is an up and coming fashion author/blogger and your can read more about her fashion sense and get swanky new Modest style ideas on her blog Latterdaystyle.

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