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Oh to be a Lazy Mom!

(A rare moment caught on camera! Four boys sitting quietly!)

As a person, sometimes I desperately want to be lazy.

I'm experiencing the end of pregnancy in the death-heat of summer, people. Yes. Sometimes I want to sit around with no clothing on and eat popcicles.

Ideally, no one would be bugging me while this was occurring.

Yes. Lazy.

You know who doesn't want me to be lazy?

The 19 month old who, the moment my poor tired rump hits the couch, decides to poop in his trousers.

He forces me to chase him through the house to CATCH him, then wrestle him into submission, while he screams, "NO NO NO!" and sticks his hands in dirty areas of his body that I am trying to wipe.

Do you know who ELSE doesn't want me to be lazy?

The three year old, who, the moment I lay my weary bones in my bed for a quick afternoon rest, awakens from his nap and declares, "I'm hungry, Mommy!" And then proceeds to drag me to the kitchen for a string cheese and some crackers.

Or how about the four year old and six year old? They are in cahoots (CAHOOTS, I say!). The nanasecond I take in the bathroom is plenty of time for one to grab the bucket and the other to get the hose going and in no time flat, create a swamp in my backyard.

These little people that I call "Mine" are a willy and determined band. I'm glad they are active. I'm glad they are full of life and energy.

I'm just super pregnant. And super tired.

So, I shall continue to attempt to sit down. And I shall fail.

No Lazy Mama here, and certainly not by choice!



Morgan is tired, and pregnant. She chases four boys around most of her days and squeezes blogging n when possible. Find her and her crazies at The Ing Family. 

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