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Six Ways to Tweak Your Wardrobe

Following fashion trends can be quite fun, but because of the nature of trends they can easily get over-done or boring really quickly. Not to mention keeping up with them can drain your pocket book. Below I have listed six trends and I am going to show you the "expected way" to wear these looks and then I will show you how you can easily add a little twist or "remix" to your look to make it less boring and more original.

By simply making a few inexpensive tweaks to your wardrobe you can take your look from Meh to Va-va-voom!
1. poncho tops
meh ...

Usually people seem to wear these breezy loose tops with relaxed jeans. They wear alone, or over a loose tank with plain jeans. If you want to dress this look up and balance the boxy, loose silhouette, try pairing this top with something a bit more fitted and high-waisted, like a pencil skirt or a fitted sheath dress. It is unexpected, flattering, and works day to night.

2. Braids

maybe shake it up a bit,  do a center dutch braid, and tuck the tail under & pin

Braids are unique and fun but sometimes it seems we get stuck doing the same old hairdo. Braided headbands are cute, fishtail side braids are fun and certainly have their time and place but with a few alterations you can take your look from “the girl next-door” to “the girl from another state or maybe even country.” Keep it interesting, learn a few types of braids, try adding more braids, or wear your hair up, use different clips. Get creative; braids are all about standing out, so challenge yourself to learning something new.

3. Maxi dresses


ahhhhh ha! The styling makes this a million times better

I love these dresses! They are so comfortable. But when styling maxi dresses you have to be careful, you can easily slip into “80’s or 90’s” mom jumpers if you don’t do it right. Plain white tee shirts are ok, but to make the look more flattering try layering tees (in a fun color) get something fitted to the body, thin, and plain in style. You do not want a lot of bulk here.

4. Statement necklaces

Statement necklaces are great for the tee shirt jeans kind-of girl. They can dress up any plain, boring outfit but don’t let this be your crutch! Don’t rely on your jewelry to make your wardrobe interesting. Sometimes you need to go crazy! Pair a bold bright busy necklace with a bold, bright busy top. It really works both ways. It makes a boring outfit instantly interesting and makes an interesting outfit a showstopper. Get creative and think of it as mixing prints.

5. Bermuda shorts

date night

Ok I admit, I like to wear these with a sloppy thrift store tee shirt and flip-flops like anyone else, but these can be the perfect “date night” staple. Pair some Bermuda shorts (or even boyfriend shorts) with heels and a flirty top; some chandelier earrings and a clutch and you are good to go! I love this look! It mixes the masculine and feminine elements to create gamine perfection. 

6. Panama hats 
how everyone wear this look

I had to buy one.  I know. I waited a bit too long to jump on the band wagon on this one, but I don’t regret it one little bit! I love how so many fashion bloggers rock the whole relaxed, thirfted day time look pairing this hat with a pretty 1950’s day dress or an oversized v neck, skinny jeans, and oxford shoes.

But there is something about this hat that is so sassy!  I think it fits perfect in a night-on-the town look. Maybe wearing heels, and a LBD or a tuxedo shirt skinny jeans and boots? Again this is seen as a “daytime” hat, so it will kind-of throw people off if you are spotted sporting this hat in the “wee hours”.

What are your favorite ways to tweak your style? 
Share them in the comments below! 

About the Author: Heather Anderson is our newest contributor. She is an up and coming fashion author and your can read more about her fashion sense and get swanky new Modest style ideas on her blog Latterdaystyle.

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