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Things I never Thought I'd Say

(Kids are weird. This is not news.)

Since becoming a mother, I have discovered myself saying things I never thought I would. Some are things that my own mother said to me as a child. Other are things that fit in the moment but could never be replicated if I tried. 

For example: "Oliver, please don't rub your toes with your cheese." Why would I ever need to say that? Well, obviously, Oliver was rubbing his toes with a string cheese. 

Another one I never expected, "Please take off your pants so we can leave!" Yeah... out of context, that doesn't really make any sense at all. But I promise at the time it did. 

Today, it was a plea to a certain four-year-old named Spencer to please use the toilets we have inside the house rather than the great out-of-doors 15 feet from said indoor toilets. 

The classics of course are always good too, "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" comes out more than it should as does "Well, life isn't fair."


I should be ashamed of myself, uttering phrases I swore I never would, but I'm not. The reason my sweet parent said these things is because sometimes, there is NOTHING else to say. 

Parenting is hard. 

And kids that rub cheese on their feet and potty themselves outside for no good reason do not make it easier. 


Morgan blogs about boys, food, family, and weird stuff at The Ing Family. She'd love you to stop by. 

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