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Thou Shalt Not

I have been serving as the Primary Pianist for a while now. I love it. So easy. Get in. Get out. "Wham bam thank you maam" kinda calling, you know? But it does have it's moments. And here are a few for your reading pleasure.

The nursery comes into the Primary room before sharing time/singing time to have their own singing time with the chorister, Sis. Tippetts and I at the piano. Sis. Tippetts is amazing with those crazy kids, I tell ya. And things would be unbelievable perfect, I'm sure, if not for Cole. When he walks in with his nursery friends and he sees me at the piano, playing prelude music for the little ones to set the tone, he goes insane. "Mommy! Mommy!" he cries, with those crocodile tears trickling down his cheeks on cue. I can't stop playing, so I do my best to calm him down with my voice. Yeah, that works as well as throwing a tea cup of water onto a burning building. So the poor Nursery teachers have to try to sooth him and get him to sing and enjoy the music, which is a 50/50 shot at best. Then when singing time is over, Cole insists that I walk back with him to nursery for snack time. I manage to somehow sneak out while he's enjoying his goldfish crackers, but can hear his cries as I walk down the hall back to the primary room....he's so quick to notice I've left his presence. It's like he has a sixth sense or something. Stinky Cole. But he's my stinky Cole and I adore him.

Then we have Josie. She....oh wait. She's good. Doesn't have issues at all with me in Primary. We're cool, Josie Jo and I. Next child.

Hannah. Oh my Hannah. She's at that in between phase where she's not a sweet lil' girl anymore, but not a true full fledged teenage gal either. It's the "awkward phase" in all its forms, including socially with a capital "S". It's as if she has a form of autism, but she's not autistic. (Believe me, I've asked her doctor about it and he has reassured me she is not on the spectrum whatsoever. She's just your typical, untypical "Hannah Banana".) I swear that girl raises her hand during Sharing time and gives the weirdest answers to gospel questions I've ever heard. They usually are spot on, but her delivery is way off. Like when the question was asked by a Primary counselor, "What are some ways we can be honest in our lives?" and Hannah's hand shoots up in the air as if her life depended on it, followed by the answer, "We shouldn't cheat on tests at school because your neighbor may be dumb and have the wrong answers." Or when the question was asked, "What are some commandments we have been asked to follow?" and while other sweet primary children answers were your normal "do not steal" and "do not lie", Hannah again blasts her hand into the air with, "Oh! Thou shalt not commit adultery!" The adult leaders looked at me with suppressed smiles with that one as I hung my head and said to myself, "Yep. That's my girl. Had to pull out the sexual answer that's making all the sunbeams now ask their teacher, "What's adultery?" But I love her. She drives me insane. But I couldn't picture my life without her in it for one millisecond.

When all is said and done, I love being able to be a part of my kids lives in Primary. Never a dull moment with those ones. They are a true reflection of their Dad. 

 'wink wink'


Katy is a mother to three crazy cool kids, wife to the love of her life and when she's not blogging at Our Daisy Life, she's enjoying life with a yummy peice of chocolate in her mouth.

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