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Tips for Making Your Sunless Tan Work for You

1. EXFOLIATE: I cannot stress this enough, do whatever you do to exfoliate, use scrubs, mitts, brushes, shave, exfoliate to remove all dry, flakey skin!

2.  LOTION: After your shower, apply a moisturizing lotion, to make sure your skin is prepped and ready to go. After your skin is completely dry, I like to apply a little lotion on the extra dry spots where I don’t want a lot of sunless tanner to go (my knees, elbows, hands & feet) You can also apply petroleum jelly on your nails or anywhere you don’t want stained.


3. Apply sunless tanner: Whatever brand, type, ect, they all should have the same ingredient that will darken your skin. Apply in slow sections, When I am doing my arms & legs, I like to break it up, doing my upper arm then my lower arm, after each section wash your hands with soap & water to avoid orange hands. Go slow, use only a little lotion at first, and really rub it in good until your skin feels dry. Tinted sunless tanning lotion makes it easy to know where you have applied and if it will be streaky or not.

4. Blot: After all the lotion is rubbed in, I like to go back with either a dry rag or paper towels, and blot and rub excess lotion in. This will make sure you don’t have any streaky lines or dark spots.

5. Dry Completely: Let the lotion dry completely before covering up or wearing long sleeves or white, as you don’t want the color to stain your clothes. If you have any mishaps, try exfoliating, shaving, or applying a little nail polish remover to the spot to remove it.

My "glow" kit

Now that you have the tan, it's time to make the most of it! There are a few things that will really make any tan pop. For example: wearing metallic, pastels or anything light and shimmery.

When picking what to wear, look for light colors and sheer/ breezy fabrics, pastels, creams and nudes. Light wash jeans along with bold bright colors. Think citrus limes, mandarin oranges or hot pink. These colors all look amazing on tan skin!

 Any thing with sparkles, satin, or any type of metallic with also ramp up your tan.

When doing your makeup you need to find ways to add a bit of a glow. You can accomplish this with shimmer lotion, highlighting cream and shimmer powders.

 Dewy makeup and juicy pink lip-gloss can really complete this fun glow look!

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin to make it look its best and remember: Always, always wear  sunscreen!

My videos on sunless tanning:

                                                       how to apply fake tanner

About the Author: Heather Anderson is our newest contributor. She is an up and coming fashion author/blogger and your can read more about her fashion sense and get swanky new Modest style ideas on her blog Latterdaystyle

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