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We Need Your Help!

We have to teach Relief Society this Sunday and this our talk "Mountains to Climb" by Elder Henry B. Eyring. We want YOUR input!! What do you do to help yourself remain faithful while you are "Climbing Your Mountains?"

Sometimes when you are in the middle of the muck and "fighting the good fight" it's easy to get discouraged -- which is Satan's biggest and strongest tool. Sometimes its hard to "press forward and endure to the end" when the end really isn't in sight. Especially when the trials and struggles you are having revolve around other people and them exercising their own agency. Sometimes tragedy strikes and we have no choice in the outcome... How do YOU keep pressing forward? What do you do?
 How do you stay strong during the storms and trials 
that we have been sent here to experience?
  How do you work through your trials or struggles
 without getting overwhelmed or discouraged or lose your faith?   
What do you do when you feel like God has forgotten you
 and you feel all alone and abandoned? 
What do you do to help others who are struggling?  
 We want to know what you think! 
Tell us in the comments!

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