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LDS Visiting Teaching Message: October 2012: Free Printable

Digital PDF     |      Image File
    (for printing @ home)       (for printing as a photo)
We're a little late getting out the printable, so hopefully, we didn't miss too many of you guys this month! (And sidenote, if you've already done your visiting teaching this month, well, YOU ROCK!)
The message this month is about honoring your covenants. We are to encourage and strengthen each other to keep our sacred covenants. When we honor our promises to God, then we are preparing for the blessing of eternal life. 

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There are two options for download, a digital PDF, or as an image. The PDF is an 8.5x11 digital file that can be printed at home very easily. The image file is for those of you who like to print things at Wal-greens and such.


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