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Our Backs to the World

December. It's that time of year where my life gets taken over with music programs. I sing. I sing for ward parties, dinner parties, work parties, stake firesides-- just about anything that comes my way. I love it. It feeds my soul. That being said, sometimes I lose track of time.

In December, I lose track of everything -- my kids, their school work, life. I lose track of what is really important. I haven’t even begun to think about shopping or what to get all the children for Christmas. Not because I’m bah hum-bug or anything, it’s just that we don’t have the money. We are waiting for that last check and hoping we can keep the power on and still buy a few gifts for the kids.

Last night as I got home from a performance all of  my children were still up and bright eyed, including my youngest who is just seven. I sat on the couch, exhausted, and put my feet on my husbands lap. As I looked around the room that I had just finally decorated that morning, I remembered that I had not put the nativity set in it’s correct position. I told my youngest to go ahead and do it.

This nativity set is very important to me. It was given to me by my oldest brother. He hand painted it and gave it to me! Me, the young brat of a family of ten. He has now become my stand in Dad, since mine passed away. It means the world to me. As my son pulled each nativity piece off the shelf I kind of snapped “BE CAREFUL! That is not replaceable. Your Uncle David made that for me! Please don’t break anything.”

 “I won’t,” he said.

You see, a seven year old never intends to break anything, accidents just happen.

I didn’t pay attention after this point. I kissed the boys goodnight and headed to my room. Today, as I sat on the couch and started in on sewing some Christmas gifts, I looked at the nativity.

“What the heck?” I thought. “What has that kid done?”

The nativity set was facing backwards. I mean, every single piece of the nativity had it’s back to me.

My cute son had placed the nativity at the very back of the shelf. All of the members of the set were facing the baby Jesus. The cows, sheep, shepherds, angels and kings, all of them. They were all crowded around the stable with their back to the world.

I went to get up and FIX this big mistake, an epiphany hit me like a ton of bricks. This was not a mistake. This was truth. My son knows what Christmas is really all about. Baby Jesus. We should all be centered on Christ and have our backs to the world. We shouldn't care if people notice how we look, or if they notice our tree, or decorations, the amazing treats we baked or how good that last song was.

That isn't what Christmas is really about. It's about a little baby boy who changed the world. 

Instead of "fixing" my nativity so the world can see their beautiful faces, this year the world will see their backs.

The world will want to be looking in to see what is so amazing that has everyone gathered around to see and does not care who is watching.

I want to look in that stable and not care what the world thinks. My shopping is not so important. My singing can wait. I want to center my world on Christ. I want to Him to know that I don’t care and the world can look at my back.


About the Author: Chris is a psychotic mother of five and a professional singer. She keeps it all together by trying to focus on the things that matter most. Her blog is private. 

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