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Rockin' the Mom Bod

The newest reason for my stretch marks.

I have birthed five children in less than seven years.

That many babies in that quick of succession does a number on a woman's body.

I have never been able to "embrace" the new me. Each baby makes me mourn my once flat tummy, my long-gone stretch mark free thighs, my size 9 feet (which are now size 10!), my once brown (now partly grey) hair and my energy. Where did that go?

I know so many bright, enlightened women who love their new bodies because of what they see there. A few extra pounds, a different shaped rear-end, or curvy hips, all announce to the world, "I've birthed a baby!", and they love it.

I am not one of these women.

I can't get there. I miss my old 21 year old me.

I know it's vanity. I know it's not right.

And I'm working on it.

I have gotten to the point, at least, of being deeply appreciative of my body.

My gorgeous children were grown and nurtured from my body. I nursed each of them (and continue to do so on a regular basis) until after their first birthdays. I remain strong and healthy throughout all of the difficulties of pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

I do not love my flappy once-abs, I don't love the five extra pounds I can't shake.

No. Not yet.

But I am deeply humbled and grateful that my body is able to grow another person. I know many women who would give a limb or two for that, and it is not something that I take lightly.

What a blessing it is to be a woman! Our bodies, as obnoxious as cycles can be, are designed to renew, replenish and give life.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

So, yes, my stretch marks bum me out, but it's cool. I do have five cutie-patooties to show for it.


Morgan loves her four boys and one brand-new baby girl. She tries to blog at The Ing Family when her kids actually go to bed on time, and she can find her laptop. Come visit!

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