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The Great Fridge Clean Out 2012

The other day, I realized it seemed I was running low on tupperware containers (and by "tupperware" I mean Cool Whip and sour cream containers). I have a drawer full of them normally, but really couldn't find any at all.

I assumed my children had stolen them for various projects around the house, but as I hadn't seen any laying about with a whole roll of tape spread over them, perhaps that wasn't true afterall?

Later that day, I was going for the jelly to create the very gourmet lunch of PB&J, when I realized where all my containers had gone: in the fridge.

Yes, my fridge was full of leftovers. So full in fact, that there really wasn't room for anything else.

Thus, the Great Fridge Clean Out 2012 was planned.

 (Perhaps, I ought to make this more than an annual event? Could this be my problem?)

The end result was shocking.

A sink full of containers and a trash bag full of things that I *think* I remember cooking, maybe, a while back?

The trouble with it all is that I hate wasting food, so I always think I'll be using leftovers. The other side of this is that I forget the containers are in there, and cook something else.

Finally, at my house you gotta be quick in and out of the fridge, otherwise bad things happen; bottles of ranch dressing disappear or the red wine vinegar gets spilled. This is due to a shortling who is almost 2 and likes to "help" so I rarely have a chance to take inventory of the what's inside.

All in all, it is a fridge full of food we won't be eating because it's been six weeks since I cooked that chicken curry, hiding in the back.

Ya see?

Ultimately, The Great Fridge Clean Out became a two-hour deep scrubbing of the ice box. You could eat off the shelves now, which I suppose is a good thing. I'm so proud that I like to open the fridge just to stare at a job well done. However, this practice is what is what led to the whole, raw egg my five year old found under the couch, put there by the well-meaning almost 2-year-old.

For everyone's safety and avoidance of salmonella, I'm going to have to clean out the fridge more often.


Morgan blogs at The -Ing Family when she can find her laptop. Her house is frequently covered with toys on every surface. The four boys and one girl she and her husband are attempting to raise tend to keep her on her toes day and night. Come visit!

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