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Are you going to Roots Tech 2013?

Roots Tech was so much fun last year that MMB is doing it again!  We're excited that MMB has been invited to attend the conference again this year and we hope you can join us. Roots Tech will be held in Salt Lake City, on March 21-23, and cover all sorts of great stuff about family history and technology.  Which is great because I like both of those subjects, but I don't know very many ways to include them both in a sentence together, let alone my life.

Syd Lieberman
One of the things I'll be looking forward to is Syd Lieberman being a keynote speaker on Thursday (March 21) morning.  Syd is a nationally acclaimed storyteller, an author, and an award-winning teacher. Many of his best-loved stories deal with growing up in Chicago and raising a family in Evanston, Illinois. Syd is also known for his original historical pieces.  In my opinion, Syd has it all, he's funny, heart warming, and unforgettable.  

Other people I'm excited to hear from are: the gorgeous and amazing Veronica Johnson, who will be teaching a class on creating family history traditions; the ever brilliant Denae Handy teaching about self-discovery; and the funniest woman on the planet, Kim Weitkamp, who will be popping up in multiple places (all of which I'd love to attend).

It would be great if everyone could join us at Roots Tech this year.  They have early bird registration going on until February 15th enabling you to save $70.

  If you can't attend this year, check over the class schedule and let us know which ones you'd like to hear about.  Is there anyone specifically you'd like to have interviewed?  Do you want me to describe the food, location, or color of my socks while I attend?  Just let me know - I'll try to cover it all!

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