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FHE Idea: Getting Baptized

We've tried to talk to our kids about baptism before they went through it for themselves, but sometimes I feel like we need a refresher on the subject. So this is what we'll be talking about tonight.

FHE Theme: Baptism

Scriptures: Alma 46:15, Fourth Article of Faith, Mosiah 18:10

Songs: "Baptism" Children's Songbook, and "Lord, Accept into Thy Kindgom" LDS Hymn book

Start the lesson with the story of your own baptism, or the baptism of a close relative or friend.  Mention how you (or they) felt, and how you (or they) made it an extra special day by having a new dress, or suit, or a family gathering, or whatever.

Then tell the story of Jesus's baptism (Matthew 3:13-17 ).  Emphasize that Jesus, who was perfect, was baptized because baptism is very important for everyone.  In Matthew, John the Baptist questions why Jesus wants to be baptized and Jesus answers, "it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness".

Here are some other reasons to be baptized:

• Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to.  John 3:5

• When we get baptized we promise Heavenly Father that we'll always choose the right or repent.  

• Heavenly Father will forgive and forget all of the sins we committed before we were baptized. Moses 6:59, Acts 22:16

• When we are baptized we are taking on Jesus's name by calling ourselves Christians.  Alma 46:15, Mosiah 21:35

End the lesson with your testimony on baptism.

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