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Family Home Evening Lesson: Keep the Commandments

As parents, it's hard to watch our children make mistakes and break the commandments that God has given us. We want to remind our families that the commandments are guidelines to happier living. The commandments protect us, and help us live a virtuous life. 

FHE Theme: Keep the Commandments

Scriptures: Proverbs 29:18, Mosiah 2:22, and D&C 59:23

Songs: How Gentle God's Commands (hymn #67), Keep the Commandments (hymn #303)
Start the Lesson by talking about the Law of Agency. Because we are here on Earth, we already made the decision to follow the Jesus Christ's plan.

Read Alma 41:10 together. Explain that even though it might seem fun to break some commandments, that all of our actions have consequences. For example, if you choose to lie, then the result is that people don't trust you. If you choose to smoke or drink, then you will have bad health.

The commandments are here to protect us, and free us. From the Family Home Evening Resource Book:

Have family members discuss what it means to be free. Then ask the family to imagine a busy intersection and what it might be life is there were no traffic laws and signals.
  • What might happen to an individual driver or pedestrian? (At best, he would lose time in traffic tie-ups. At worst, he might be hurt or killed in a traffic accident.)
  • Why do traffic laws exist; to hinder us and hold us back or to help the traffic flow more smoothing and more freely?
Compare the need for such laws with our earthly lives.
Read John 8:31-32. Ask how the truth makes us free and what it frees us from. Explain that every action has a consequence - we choose the consequences by choosing the actions.

End the lesson with your testimony about the blessings that come from keeping God's commandments.

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