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Joseph Smith Family Home Evening Lesson

This family home evening lesson about Joseph Smith is going to take a little over an hour which might be kind of long or little ones; but the good news is that it takes extremely little preparation!

FHE Theme: Joseph Smith

Scriptures: James 1:5, D&C 135:3

Songs: "Follow the Prophet" Hymn Book and "An Angel Came to Joseph Smith" Children's Songbook

This lesson is basically just an awesome video about the life of Joseph Smith from The Mormon Channel.  It is amazing.  But if you have little kids, they may have a hard time sitting still for an hour.  So I suggest printing this coloring page and finger puppet activity (found in the LDS Nursery Manual):

Have crayons and scissors available so your kids can be coloring and making their finger puppets while you watch without ever having to leave their seats.

Once you have watched the movie, ask your family a few quick questions about Joseph Smith.  They can be fun questions like: "Where did Joseph Smith live as a boy?"  and "How many siblings did Joseph Smith have?"

Or they can be more serious questions like: "At what age did Joseph Smith receive the golden plates?"  and "Why did he have to wait to take them?"

My strategy is to ask as many age appropriate questions as will keep my kids interested and sitting still, but after watching an hour long movie I don't think we'll be having too long of a discussion afterwards.  If you have short attention spans like we do, I suggest asking questions about the life of Joseph Smith during dinner each night this week.  I mean, you don't have to grill your 3 year old on the movie, but you can keep it fresh in her little mind for at least a few days, right?

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