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Raising People

 "I always want to be with my own family!"
My husband recently gave a talk in sacrament meeting.

Since I was wrangling a troupe of kidlets, I didn't hear a whole lot of it.

I heard one line of it though and that one line has stuck with me for weeks now. He said, referring to our children, "They are not just children, they are people who we want to be with for eternity."

My husband blew my mind. I know my children will grow, will be adults, will have lives of their own, and in the big nebulous space of "eternity" I do very much want them around.

But I forget because they are small and incredibly demanding in the day to day stuff that they are people. And not just people. They are people who I want to be around forever.

The responsibility of that reality is great. These people are full-grown, eternal spirits, just crammed in awkward, little uncoordinated bodies.

As parents we are merely guides, praying they make good choices, trying to keep their liahonas pointing to Heaven and teaching them the things of God, because ultimately, they are people who want to be with in eternity.

I suppose my main goal then is to live my life so that they want to be with me for eternity too.

And that little bit is much harder, I think.

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Morgan Hagey is a homeschooling mama to five. She avoids sorting clean laundry in favor of baking and playing. In her free time, she writes. Visit her here and here.

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