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FHE Idea: Listening to a Prophet Speak

With General Conference right around the corner I think tonight might be a good time to remind my family how awesome it is that we get to listen to a living prophet.  Sometimes I think I need to be more appreciative of this.  I get so used to being able to hear from the prophet that I forget just how incredibly great the privilege is.

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FHE Theme: Listening to the Prophet

Scripture: D&C 21:5-7, D&C 1:38

Songs: ”Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” LDS Hymnbook and “Follow the Prophet” Children’s Songbook

Have someone in your family stand in front of everyone and read the scripture D&C 21:5-7.  Just as they start reading distract the rest of the family by shouting, getting up and leaving the room, talking to yourself, or poking the person next to you.  The goal is to not let anyone hear the scripture while it's being read.

Once the scripture has been read completely ask your family what it was about.  Also ask them if they felt the spirit during the reading.  And then ask them if it seemed like the scripture was important.  Hopefully you distracted them well enough that everyone is good and confused at this point.

Have the same family member get up and read D&C 21:5-7 again.  But this time make sure the rest of the family is sitting still, being quiet, and paying close attention.  After it has been read, ask the same questions as before.  Then ask if anyone noticed what was different about the second reading.

It's hard to hear, understand, or feel the spirit when we're being or doing something distracting.  We need to really listen to take advantage of what's being said or taught.  This is the same when listening to the prophet speak.  Although we hear him at least twice a year (or probably more often) we need to realize that he's speaking for us, and that it really is a privilege to be able to have a living prophet who can speak to us so regularly.

Now that everyone is paying attention, discuss the words of the scriptures that were read.  Ask questions like:

• What does it mean to receive the prophet’s words “as if from mine own mouth”?

• Why do we want the heavens to shake for our good and the gates of hell to prevail against us?  What does that mean to you or me personally?

• Who is verse 7 talking about, and why is it important to know this?

Finish the lesson with the words to the song "I Like to Listen to the Prophet" from the August 1997 Friend.  (There is even some sheet music if you feel like singing it).

And if you have little kids who like to color, check out this cute coloring page from the March 2011 Friend.

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