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Life Hack: Mormon Mom Planner

I am an organization junkie, and I HAVE to write everything down or else I'll forget. This is not uncommon among women, especially women with kids. You have your stuff, your spouses stuff, your kids stuff... and somehow, you're supposed to keep track of it all, AND keep it organized, scheduled, and maintained. This can be pretty tough. Add in to that the typical activities of an LDS family, (FHE, home teaching, visiting teaching, YM/YW, activity days, cub scouts,. etc) and you have a planning disaster waiting to happen.

So when I was contacted by Melinda of Mormon Mom Planners, I was excited to see what she had come up. 

image via mormon mom planner

I honestly have nothing but love for this planner, and here is why. 

  • Tracking sheets for my kids. My kids are pretty close in age, and they're practically the same size. I have a hard time remembering which kid wears which shoe size, because they're so close. The Mormon Mom Planner includes tracking sheets for you to write down shoe size, pant size, shirt size, and any other little tidbits that are good to know.
  • The Book of Mormon reading chart. We're reading the Book of Mormon, and it's good for my kids to see how far we've gotten, and how much is left. They love marking off a circle each night as we finish a chapter. 
  • Sunday Lesson Plan summary. I'm in Primary, so I'm pretty out of the loop as to what the adults are learning, but now I have an overview of what the grown-ups are learning. And right NEXT to that, is a page called "Teach My Children" which asks basic gospel doctrine questions, that coordinate with the current church curriculum. I've been taking one question a week, and that's what we've been covering in our Family Home Evening lessons. Which means that: 
  • Family Home Evening is automatically planned. But if you don't want to use the planner that way, you can use the FHE pages to plan your own lessons that would most benefit your family. 

Overall, it's just a very thoughtful planner that is a great tool for you to use to simplify your life. All your important information is in one spot, and the planner can fit in your purse or diaper bag. 

To see more of the goodies that are included in the planner, check out Mormon Mom Planner.

ALSO: Mother's Day is coming up, and they have are offering a Mother's Day edition May-Dec planner at a discounted price, marked down 15% from the regular price to $29.95. Use coupon code: MD2013 at checkout to get your discounted price. 

ALSO ALSO: Like Mormon Mom Planner on Facebook, because Melinda posts freebies and coupon codes over there too! ;) Right now, she has some cute LDS chore charts up for grabs. 

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