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Reader Spotlight

Today you get to meet one of my favorite bloggers. Margot is one of those people that you'll just like. 

I live in Davis County, and I'm a writer. Just saying that makes me feel happy all over. My first novel came out from Covenant in October, and I turned in the sequel last week. This is a lifelong dream come true for me.

Something unusual about me: I have 7 kids and 5 grandchildren but I play basketball twice a week. Yay!

I write a self-reliance blog called Old School that gets thousands of hits per week, and also have a blog for my writing adventures at

Margot says you've got to read these posts:

Margot's favorite scripture is Alma Chapter 32... Yep, the whole thing. 

Be sure to stop by and visit the Damsel today! Her blog, Old School, definitely has some great self-reliance tips for you! 

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