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The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket - Quick and Easy FHE Lesson

Sometimes we don't have much time on Monday evenings but still want to get a Family Home Evening lesson in.  This one is about the Holy Ghost.

FHE Theme: The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket

Scripture: John 14:16–17, 2 Ne. 32:5, Moroni 10:5

Songs: ”The Still Small Voice” and “Listen Listen” Children’s Songbook

Activity: Print the primary talk "The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket" (which you can get for free in our printables section).

Read the story and show your family the pictures.  Then read the scriptures listed above. 

End the lesson by asking your family for examples of when the Holy Ghost has been a comfort to them, or when they were helped with a decision, or how they feel when the Holy Ghost is present.  If you have young kids, you can think of these examples from your own life and share them.

And there you have it - a super easy and quick FHE lesson for those Monday nights when time is a little tight.

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