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Enrichment Activities and Lesson Helps for teaching about the Godhead

It can be hard to explain certain concepts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ without a little visual help. Especially when it comes to explaining the nature of the Godhead! We rounded up some of our favorite lesson helps for you! 

  1. First Article of Faith Word Search
  2. Candle Object Lesson: Get a candle and light it with a match. Remind them that the Godhead has three distinct parts. The candle can represent Heavenly Father. The flame can represent Jesus Christ, the light of the world. The oxygen needed for the flame to burn can represent the Holy Ghost, whom we cannot see. We can see only the effect he has in our lives and the lives of others.
  3. Godhead Poster 
  4. First Article of Faith Word Strips
  5. Article of Faith Illustration: three separate beings

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