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Genealogy Isn't Just for Old People

Something astounding happened at RootsTech 2013 - around 2000 young people got together and learned about how they could participate in family history and genealogy.  Young people as in teenagers.

The words "genealogy" and "teenagers" don't seem to belong in the same sentence, let alone the plane of reality.  But it happened, and it was a pretty huge deal.

The cool thing about teenagers is that they breath technology.  I consider myself fairly decent with computers and other electronic devices, but I know that once my kids get to be my age they'll be able to scoff my peabrained understanding of all things technology.

Family history and genealogy are also moving the way of technology.  It makes sense - think about how much of the world is now accessible to us just by pulling out a smart phone.  The more technology advances, the more it brings the world together.

Now it makes more sense to throw teenagers and genealogy together, doesn't it?  It was a truly inspired idea.

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