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Fast Sunday and Hunger Pains

Glass of WaterPsalms 109:24 "My knees are weak through fasting; and my flesh faileth of fatness."
I understand the whole theology behind why we fast, but seriously that is a hard thing to do.  People role their eyes at the old saying, "Fasting without a purpose is just, well, going hungry."  And you know what?  I pretty much forget all about Fast Sunday until that morning anyway, so I'm usually unprepared and merely going hungry.

It is not my favorite aspect of the gospel...but I try.  The ONE thing I can not do, though, is go without water.  I'm sure this is not considered a pure and proper fast, but when I go without water, I get headaches.  BAD head aches.  (Notice the emphasis on bad?)  And, I'm sure Heavenly Father would rather have me at church sans food than at home in bed nursing a migraine due to lack of water.  So, if you see me at church drinking water on a Fast Sunday, please do not judge me.  I do what I can.

There are others who can't fast because of certain medications they are on.  A sister at Church mentioned that while she can't do a full on fast because of her medicines, she gives up something that she enjoys for that day.  She is still giving up and going without.

This reminds me of Lent...which our other Christian Brothers and Sister participate in.  I practiced Lent this year.  Why not?  I love Jesus, too.  But instead of giving up something, I decided to add.  I added becoming more diligent in my morning scripture study.  I felt that I could grow closer to Christ by adding something meaningful than by taking something away, like say...CHOCOLATE...(I think I would rather die! Just sayin')

I do have a testimony of Fasting and the power it can have when combined with prayer as I have personally seen it work.  I don't mean anything derogatory by my irreverent attitude here.  While I may complain about the grumblings in my belly, I know, understand and am grateful for the spiritual benefits that this practice can have.

Do you struggle with Fasting? 

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Lisa is the mother to one Air Force Son, one Missionary Son and one Sophomore in High School daughter.  She has been married for 24 years to her best friend and blogs at That's What She Said...

Photo by Greg Riegler

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