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Sharing Time Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is kind of hard when it comes to easy to make gifts for Primary.  Dads don't love the cutesy stuff that moms do, and it's not like you can send the Primary kids home with power tools.  Of course there's always the standard handprint cards or candybars, or you could try one of these ideas:

1- 10 Reasons Why I Love Dad,  printable found at Made By Christina Marie.  You could put them in dollar store frames.

2- All About My Dad, printable found at Persnickety Prints.  They also have a Grandpa version.

3- Candy Filled Flower Pots, directions at Make It and Love It.  You could also use mason jars or other containers.

4- Wordsearch Father's Day Card, printable found at Paper and Pigtails. Words describing dad can be found on the card.

5- My Pop Rocks with Poprocks, printable found at The Idea Room.  The last time I was at Dollar Tree they had Pop Rocks 6 for $1.00, you know, if you have a big Primary and a small budget.

6- You're the Star of Our Family with Starburst, printable found at Nothing But Country.

7- King For a Day crown found at Spoonful.  This is a black and white printable, so the kids would need to color it for their dad.

8- Easy, fold-to-create Cards to color, from our printables stash.  With boy and girl options you should be able to please everyone.

9- Best Dad Hands Down, as seen at La-La's Home Daycare puts a fun spin on the handprint gift idea.

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