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The 15 Minute Genealogist

Mary and Marion Anderson
I met my great grandparents a few days ago on the church's wonderful new genealogy website, It all started with a talk in stake conference (you know the kind) that got me all revved up to get to work on my genealogy  This happens to me once every couple of years; I hear an inspiring message about family history, make all kind of goals and plans, jump online in my excitement, then get lost and confused in the first fifteen minutes.

Does that sound familiar? If not maybe one of these is:
  • "Oh, my aunt does all our work. She's got it covered."
  • "Oh, I'm a new mommy and don't have time to devote hours and hours to genealogy." 
  • "Oh, I'm a tech savvy youngster who couldn't work a microfiche viewer if my life depended on it."

I have used all the excuses above and more; but this time, thanks to the super spiffy new Family Search site, I succeeded in becoming a fifteen minute genealogist!

I popped onto the new website and immediately Ooooh-ed and Aaaah-ed over the new colorful fanchart that popped up. One click changed the view to a pedigree chart that showed a few generations back. The next click expanded a portion of my my dad's-mom's-dad's family. I clicked on one of my great grandparents and there they were in a black and white photograph staring right back at me!

That's when it happened. I saw a little green arrow next to a cute little temple icon. Curious, I clicked on it and BAM!!! There was a list of temple ordinances waiting to be performed right before my eyes. Right there in front of me. Glowing, pretty, and green.

In just fifteen minutes online I found 7 family members that needed to ordinance work done, reserved the ordinances, saw pictures of my progenitors, and even read an account of one of my great great great grandparent's conversion and exodus from Denmark and eventual help in settling Fillmore Utah, the first state capitol of our lovely Deseret. In the next fifteen minutes of surfing my pedigree I found farmers, war veterans, pioneers, and even pilgrims who all worked hard to create a better life for their children and eventually for me.

So now there are no more excuses and no more discouragement.  I challenge you to a 15 minute search on your own pedigree chart on Set a timer and see what you can find in 15 minutes. Leave us a comment and let us know which one of your great great grandparents you meet!

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