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7 Ways To Appreciate Your Imperfect Body

Photo by Msadriano
The human body is an amazing creation.  But sometimes it can be frustrating to deal with the frailties and weaknesses inherent in a mortal body. Sometimes we, or someone who we love dearly, become ill or disabled and it can be hard too appreciate the blessing of a body. Sometimes we may focus on imperfections and how we don't measure up to the "ideal" beauty.  Some may struggle with infertility and helping create bodies for spirits to come down to.  As I have struggled with loving and appreciating my own body and watched friends and family struggle I have come up with a list of ideas that have helped me to feel more love and appreciation for my own body.

  • It was an essential part of Heavenly Father's Plan to receive a body so that we could become like Him and that we might experience joy (2 Ne 2:25).
  • We came to earth to receive a mortal body not a perfect body.
  • We were created in God's image (Moses 6:9).
  • "Your body becomes an instrument of your mind and the foundation of your character. Through life in a mortal body you can learn to control matter, and that will be very important to you through all eternity" (President Packer).
  • "Each organ is a wondrous gift from God." (President Nelson).
  • There is backup for every organ in the body, the body defends itself, repairs itself, renews itself, heals itself, and regulates itself (President Nelson).
  • "The purpose of the body is to help us learn, progress, serve, and glorify the Giver of the gift: God" (The Body A Sacred Gift).

As we come to understand the principles of why our mortal bodies are so important we can come to accept and appreciate and love our own bodies, even when they are imperfect or giving us challenges.

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Kelsi is a twenty-something, recent college graduate, in transition.  She blogs about the transitions in her life at

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