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FHE Lesson About the Forever Family

In my opinion one of the best aspects of our faith is the eternal family.  Marriage isn't "until death do us part" - our families can continue on through forever and there's nothing more amazing than that.

FHE Theme: Eternal Families

Scripture: D&C 138:47-48

Songs: "Families Can Be Together Forever" and "A Happy Family" Children's Songbook

Object Lesson:  Get some wooden building blocks (you can use the blocks from the game Jenga if you have it).  On each block put a piece of washi tape (or masking tape) and a marker to write on the tape.

Read "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and discuss it as a family.  Talk about your own family and how important it is to you that you are together for eternity.  Remind everyone that eternal families require righteousness and work. 

Have each member of your family name something that keeps a family righteous and happy.  Write their answers on the tape on the blocks.  Here are some suggestions:

Being Sealed in the Temple
Going to Church
Family Prayer
Choosing the Right
Speaking Kind Words
Showing Love
Helping One Another
Life Long Learning
Scripture Study
Supporting Other's Interests
Service as a Family
Being Responsible

Once you have the answers written down, use these blocks to build a tower.  Make it sturdy, but tall.  Ask your family what would happen if you started removing blocks.  For instance, you could say that your family is doing everything else, but not helping one another, so pull that block and watch your tower become tippy.  Pull a few blocks and watch the tower fall. 

The object of the lesson is that we must all do our part in a family and we must remember to do all the things that keep our family strong and on the path to being together forever.  End your lesson with a testimony, song, and prayer.

If you want something to display throughout the week to remind everyone about eternal families, check out this free 8x10" printable:

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