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FHE on Obeying the Law: The 12th Article of Faith

I'm trying to teach my kids that not only do they have a duty to their families and the church, but also for the community they live in.  Little stuff like being a good neighbor to big stuff like obeying the law.  So that's what this Family Home Evening lesson is about.

FHE Theme: Obeying the Law

Scripture: 12th Article of Faith, D&C 58:21

Songs: "The Twelfth Article of Faith" and "Choose the Right Way" Children's Songbook

Lesson:  Most people easily understand the big laws, like don't kill and steal, but what about the little ones?  Have a family discussion about small stuff that will get your kids thinking, here are some topics you can use (or you can come up with your own):

• Traffic laws - what are consequences of speeding or ignoring stop signs?  What would happen if you ignored a stop sign near train tracks?  Or what if you were crossing the road and a car decided to break the traffic laws and hit you?

• Graffiti - why is it important to respect other people's property?  What if it's just something small, like writing a smiley on a rest stop bathroom wall with a marker - is that still breaking the law?  And why?

• Being responsible with animals - If a park sign says that your dog needs to be on a leash and you ignore it, what could happen?  If there's a "don't feed the animals" rule at a campground, why is it important to obey?

• Rules at school - they aren't "laws" but are still covered by the 12th article of faith because they are made by the "rulers" of the school.  Why is it important to follow school rules?  What would happen if a bunch of kids decided not to follow the rules - how would that affect everyone else?

• Littering and recycling - why is it important to respect the Earth?

You can finish the lesson with this story from the February 1997 Friend, "It's the Law".  And then give everyone in your family one of these "We Believe in Obeying the Law" badges (you can get the free printable in our printables section):

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