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Trusting Heavenly Father's Plan for Our Family

I can be really dense at times. There have been many times in my life when the path I want to travel on is not the plan Heavenly Father has in mind for me. Sometimes I am allowed to try it out. Other times He gives me fewer options, like when I was convinced that three children was enough for our family.

Before you tell me there are ways to prevent that or ask why I would ever purposefully stop having more children, allow me to share a few things about my family:

  • My oldest turned 4 in March, my second is almost 3, and my baby was born last September. As I'm constantly reminded from strangers while out and about, my hands are full.
  • My oldest only started speaking a year ago and my second is still refusing to do so, though she certainly gets her point across when it's important. My baby is doing fine at the moment, so we're just trying to enjoy his happy spirit.

I love each of my children and love being their mother, so I figured the three of them were enough to keep me busy and I needed to focus my efforts on them. Hence, we were not planning on having anymore children and were taking the necessary precautions to prevent more.

To prove my point to myself I went through all the children items I could not imagine us using, and sold them at a yard sale.

Goodbye swing.

Goodbye bumbo.

Goodbye baby sleepers.

Goodbye maternity clothes.

The day after the yard sale, I found out I was pregnant.

Technically, I have several options, but really this was Heavenly Father's subtle-as-a-brick way of telling this dense girl that her family is not yet complete.

So what now?

I am putting a lot of trust in Him and His timing.

I am doubling my efforts to make and keep our home Christ-centered.

I am encouraging my children to talk to their Heavenly Father through prayer.

I am trying even harder to live with-in our means.

I am trusting in the support we have locally for my late bloomers and praying their support will be guided by Him as well.

I am praying that my family stays healthy.

And I am praying for the healthy new baby to come when the time is right.

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Anna is stay at home mom to 3 little ones, is pregnant with her 4th due is January, and is married to her best friend. She blogs at One Income Family Living where she shares her family's attempts at living providently.

Photos by: Anna

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