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A Lesson From Fireflies

I have had the opportunity the past few weeks to work as a counselor for EFY (Especially For Youth, a youth program ran by BYU around the country).  I was flown out to Virginia to work a few sessions.  We arrived in Virginia fairly late and drove into town just after the sun set.  As we drove through, some of the counselors in my car started to notice the  fireflies. Having lived in Utah my whole life, I had never seen fireflies before and I didn't know what I was looking for.  I continued looking for the fireflies and soon I saw them.  I was mesmerized.  The beautiful sparkling lights looked like stars just above the ground.  I had read books that took place in the south and had mentioned fireflies and had watched movies with fireflies but they were nothing like the real thing.

Just like the fireflies, many people don't know what  the love of God feels like.  They hear people talk about it, and they think they know what it feels like.  But when they truly feel the love of God, they are drawn to the light and will do anything to keep it with them.

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Kelsi is a twenty-something, recent college graduate, in transition.  She blogs about the transitions in her life at

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