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MMB Catch Up

Dear everyone,

I am sorry for the dead-ish blog. You see, my satellite broke, and it blew up my wireless router, and then we had to order a new one, and life just got a little frazzled up, because we have been without internet access for a couple of weeks. SO.

If you have submitted your blog to be listed sometime in the past month or so, never fear. You haven't been ignored or forgotten. I just haven't been able to add you, because I haven't had any internet access. (Why yes, I do quite live in the middle of nowhere. No seriously. We're talking corn and soybean fields as far as the eye can see. It's great!... unless your satellite dies. I couldn't even refresh Instagram. *sob*) 

Also, if I haven't answered your email about sponsoring the blog, or guest posting on the blog, or, anything else really, expect to hear from me soon.

Also, also, have you been liking the new blog format? Is it helpful to have coordinating family home evening lessons and enrichment activities? And whatever other feedback you want to leave is great. I like feedback. FEED ME.

And also: I'm a huge dork. (Like you didn't already know) 

- Caroline

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