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FHE about Family Responsibilities

Sometimes my kids think I exist to serve them.  And sometimes they think I'm a cruel human being because I require them to stop playing and clean up.  Sometimes they need a good reminder on what kinds of responsibilities are required to be a happy family.  (And, you know, sometimes I need that reminder too.)

FHE Theme: Family Responsibilities

Scripture: Ephesians 6:1-4, Mosiah 4: 14-15

Songs: "Home" and "When We're Helping" Children’s Songbook

Activity: Grab a piece of paper, or a white board, or something else you can write on.  Divide it in half so you can make two lists.  The first list is "What Should Parents Do for Their Family?" and the second list is "What Should Children Do for Their Family?"  Have the members of your family list as many things as you can think of in each column.

Read the scriptures (link above), and see if you can come up with a few more things for your lists.

Your lists can be as specific as you want, but I think we're going to stick to the basics like: being kind, sharing in the workload, teaching gospel principles, etc.

After your lists are complete ask your children which 3+ items are something they'd like you, as a parent, to work on.  Then, as the parent, tell the children which 3+ things you'd like to see them trying harder with.  Make sure this part of the lesson remains respectful and positive.  Maybe share with your children how you feel when you see them doing something on the list.  (Praise is always a nice reinforcement.)

For young children read the story "Chopsticks" retold by Marilyn Bolchunos in the June 1996 Friend.  After the story, discuss how the brothers learned to work together as a family unit, and how it blessed their lives.  Ask how your family could adopt the same principle.

For an older family read the article "Delegating Work and Responsibility to Children" in the January 1986 Ensign.   (Even if you don't have older family members to read this to, it is an excellent article for parents to read.)

As a reminder for this lesson, you can hang a printable in your home (or use it as a handout).  We have a number of good family-centered printables, but this is the one we'll be using at our house:

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