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A Planted Seed

photo from office
A few years back, my son’s Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Martin, called me in the middle of the day. She had some school business to tell me and then she relayed to me this little experience she had with my son:

My son came up to her desk frowning and frustrated. Mrs. Martin asked, "What's the matter?"

"Well, none of the kids at my table are keeping the Ten Commandments."

Mrs. Martin looked up from her work and slowly replied, "Okaaay . . . let's talk about this. What do you mean?"

"Well, they all keep saying, 'OMG'—but ‘cept the real thing--to be silly and I don't like it. That breaks one of the Ten Commandments."

Mrs. Martin said, "Sometimes kids don't know about that though."

But my son was not satisfied with this answer. Still frustrated he said, "But I heard you say it too . . . so I'm confused."

Mrs. Martin then tried to explain how she was saying it out loud in a way that was more like a prayer. Whatever she said, he felt a little better and replied, "Thanks. I'm glad we talked."

Now I have to say that I was sort of embarrassed about this. Who knew what kind of strict Ten Commandment regime Mrs. Martin must think we Mormons did at home? I guess I needed to do an FHE on being patient with other people and their faults! I tried to explain to her that all this started when my son’s Primary teacher sent him a bookmark with the Ten Commandments. He loved the bookmark.

But I was also glad to hear of his strength, and I know he’s not the only one out there. This new generation is amazing. Our little children are so curious and soaking up so much more information than we even realize. I was happy that this time, he caught onto something good (and I made a mental note to remind him about it when he’s a rebellious teenager with feet that are too big for his body).

Children listen and they desire to learn. And that is how the seed is planted. A desire to learn.

I thought it was just a little thing, a fleeting moment in my busy day. But for my son it was much more. He was planting the seed of his testimony. He keeps this bookmark by his bedside and every once in awhile asks me about it in those quiet moments before sleep. And I am reminded that the faith and humility of a child is often greater than my own.

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Lisa is a mother to 3 energetic children and a wife to a fun-loving husband. She believes in finding joy in the journey and that motherhood is not about perfection--sometimes it's about surviving (with a smile). Lisa runs an uplifting blog called Pebbles and Piggytails. It's purpose is to inspire us during our down-hearted mommy moments and help us remember why we love being moms!

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