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Hey You Guys!

Oh my life, YOU GUYS.

I love living in the sticks, except for when a storm takes out my satellite and leaves me without internet for days and days and days. It makes it very hard to do things, like blogging and homework. BUT! It has been fixed! And now I can catch up on life! And save this poor blog from it's post-less misery!

Meanwhile, I have an exciting announcement.

Almost every day, I get an email from a reader wanting to meet other LDS bloggers. You guys want to network with each other, and have meet and greets, and make new eBFF's. I get it!

I also have solved the problem! We now have a brand spanking new Facebook group that is specifically for you to meet each other and stuff! It's This is a closed group, which means that only people in the group will see what you post. So click on that link up there and ask to join so we can hold hands and sing kumbayah. (I so spelled that wrong.)

IN CLOSING: Come hang out with us on Facebook, and we will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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