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How to Build a Fairy Village

Fairy fixation this week culminated in a late night run to the craft store for some bits and bobs for a fairy village. We all painted our houses (and decorated), and gave them a final coat of spray varnish the next morning before setting up our village.

Going to the backyard, Mimi thoughtfully said "I don't know if fairies are real, but I HOPE they live in our houses!" If that's not love for your neighbor--building them houses when you're not even sure they exist-- I don't know what is!

Setting up the village:

Daddy's house in front, Cocoa's in back, hung on some branch snags above the village for those fairies that prefer to sleep off the ground.

Ernie's red-roofed house, and my leaf-covered house. Notice the jars of "fairy dust" to help entice the fairies to come and stay, and replenish their stores. Inside Ernie's house, you can just barely see a little wooden spool for the fairy to sit on.

Most of these supplies were already on hand- we spent about $10 at the craft store for the wooden supplies and varnish.

I look forward to adding to this village- already the girls have made a dance floor of leaves around Mimi's purple-roofed house!


  • 4" bird houses ($1 each)
  • craft paint
  • plastic jewels
  • glue dots
  • silk leaves
  • spray on varnish
  • wooden spools
Flower Pots
  • 1" wooden flower pots
  • silk flowers
Fairy Dust Jars
  • small jam jars
  • glitter

  • flat marbles

  • doll house fencing

- - - - - - - -

Myrnie headshotMyrnie blogs about life over at I, Wonder Woman and talks about her latest gardening, home school, and homesteading projects at DIY Mama.

All photos by Myrnie

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