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Treasure This Day

I imagine if I lived in some place like Arizona my perspective might be a little different, but here in the rainy Pacific Northwest we view every last drop of sunshine or dry weather as if it could be our last...for a very long time.

So we treasure those days.

We use up every bit of daylight to its maximum potential.

We jump in the leaves.

We hold family watermelon tosses into the woods.

And play watermelon football. (This is what happens when you do not get enough sunshine to ripen even miniature watermelons in your garden.)

We even go sledding down growing piles of free wood chips. (With all the wind we've had around here recently, the tree removal companies have been extra generous.)

You've heard it rains nine months out of the year in Seattle? Well, maybe not every year, but it's certainly been known to happen. And really, I don't mind it! I love our drippy, gray climate. But you have never seen a happier people than Seattlites when the sun comes out.

Seriously, we don't waste a single sunny day of our mortal probation.

And this gets me thinking...

Childhood is fleeting. Little ones grow so very fast. Some of my friends have already had to say temporary good-byes to their little ones as they've made their way back to their heavenly home after only a few short years on earth. These mothers and fathers look forward to a sweet reunion someday after this life is passed.

Our spouses, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters- really, how certain can we be that we will have tomorrow with them?

Of course, we shouldn't live life dwelling in the shadows of what--or who--might not be tomorrow. 

"Be of good cheer," The Master implores.

He gives us each day to cherish and to do good. 

Do we truly treasure each day with our loved-ones?

Do they know it?

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Michele lives in Washington state with her husband, Wes, and five children. She blogs about everything from the minutia of daily family life to the greater perspective at Five in the Foothills.

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