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A New (EASY) Holiday Tradition: Chex Party Mix

If there is one thing that families do when they get together, it's snack.  Usually those snacks are traditional, but sometimes those snacks take a really long time to make.  And traditions can always change (to include snacks that only take 15 minutes to throw together). So this year we're starting a brand new Christmas tradition at our house - Chex Party Mix!

Did you know that there are hundreds of Chex Mix recipes

I had no idea there were so many great recipes, until I attended the Chex Party Mix Party at our local mall.  It was awesome - they had a big "bowl of cereal" to pose in, and Chex Specialists who were more than helpful.

And they taught us how to make a few different kinds of Chex Party Mix, and then we got to put that yummy mix into cute little containers and take them home.

The Party Mix was so easy to make that my 10 year old (who was my party buddy that morning) made the whole thing with just a teensy bit of help from the Chex Chef.  In fact, I'm pretty sure part of this new Christmas tradition is going to include having the kids make the snacks (while I sip cocoa next to the fire.....or do the other 5 million inevitable things that accompany the holidays).

Chex even has a line of gluten-free cereal for all those family members and friends that need to be careful about their snacking.  And you can use them to make great recipes like Caramel Cookie Crunch Chex, and Chex Lemon Buddies.

My favorite Chex Party Mix is Mexican Hot Chocolate.  It has coconut, marshmallows, lots of chocolate, and 3 different kinds of Chex cereal - what's not to love?  Here's the recipe, straight off the Chex Party Mix website:

So, if you happen to be my neighbor, extended family member, or  child's teacher, you know what we'll be serving at all gatherings this year!

This post was sponsored by Chex Party Mix, but all opinions belong to Mormon Mommy Blogs.

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