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Christmas and Minimalism

As Christmas is fast approaching. I find my soul longing for a minimalist, more simple approach to the holidays.  This is something I have craved for a long time, but often holiday obligations have me overwhelmed and the desire to simplify just flies right out the window.  I have a new resolve this year as I struggle to truly focus on the Season.  Of course, for me and my family, our focus is on our Savior, Jesus Christ, and his birth.  Often the commercialism and overabundance of well meaning gifts seem to take away from the true meaning.  But, there are so many things that enhance this time of the year.  For me, family, music, smells, sights, food, movies and traditions all enhance the feeling that we often refer to as the "Spirit of Christmas".

I gave a gift to a young girl on Christmas Eve, once.  I was excited to see her open the small gift and the delight it might bring to her eyes.  I was informed by her mother that she would not be opening the gift until Christmas morning as she was trying to teach her daughter the "true" meaning of Christmas.  I was hurt to say the least.  I never saw her open the gift, I never knew if she liked it.  I really struggled with this "true" meaning of Christmas.  Is the true meaning a huge gift orgi on Christmas morning?  I don't think so...For me it is sharing love and happiness and joy with one another as we remember the Savior and the gifts He gave to us...

Call me a scrooge, but I think a more minimalist approach is just the thing for our family to feel more of the spirit and love of our Savior.

What do you do to feel the true spirit of Christmas over the 
overabundance and commercialism that is so prevalent?

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Lisa is the mother to one Air Force Son, one Missionary Son and one Sophomore in High School daughter.  She has been married for 24 years to her best friend and blogs at That's What She Said...

Photo by Lisa

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