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Holy Tabbs Review and Giveaway

Alright folks, we have an awesome giveaway for you tonight!

HolyTabbs is a scripture indexing system that syncs your scriptures with the Preach My Gospel manual. Which is to say, they've taken the manual, and broken it down by section, and then color coded it for fast, easy scripture access.

I received this item last week, and I've already put it to good use! To set it up, you apply a thick vinyl sticker to the front inside cover of your scriptures. Then, I used a pencil to mark the outside edges of my scriptures (so that the dots will line up). Next, I used the guide they included, and I went through and started adding the colored tabs to the correct pages, and marked the accompanying scripture passage. So, all the scriptures that are used in chapter 1, section 4 are tabbed with green dots located at the top of the page. Then, when I open to the page, the scripture that is highlighted in blue to coordinate with that chapter. (So, all Preach My Gospel chapter 1 passages will be marked in blue. Am I confusing you? I promise it's really not!)

What's great about the system, is that when my kids ask me a question, I can quickly look at the front cover, find an appropriate topical response, and then have a few different scriptures to amend my response. It's also come in handy because we're the only Mormons in the neighborhood, and I find myself talking about what we believe quite a rather lot.

Bottom line, you would benefit from HolyTabbs. It would be great for any LDS teacher, from gospel doctrine to sunbeams, seminary students, bishoprics, families, and of course, missionaries.

HolyTabbs is giving away a kit, and YOU could be the winner! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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