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The George Baileys In Your Life

Do you know any George Baileys? You know the kind. They are that person in your life that is always giving. They work for the good of the world, instead of for themselves. They are constantly putting someone else's needs in front of their own. They are just like the character George Bailey in Frank Capra's movie, It's a Wonderful Life.

Everyone knows a George Bailey. They usually say yes to whatever you need. They answer your call in the middle of the night, when other's don't even hear the phone. They let their own house stay messy, while they are busy cleaning yours. They make soup for you when you are sick, but don't tell you that they are coming down with the same thing. There's always a George Bailey somewhere.

These George Baileys have hopes and goals just like everyone else. Frank Capra's George Bailey wanted to see the world and leave Bedford Falls. He wanted to change the world. But he never did leave because real life got in the way--and he let it. He let the needs of other's be more important than his own. And though he didn't realize it, he did change the world--at least the world of Bedford Falls.

So I am asking you today, do you know any George Baileys? It shouldn't take long for you to think of the George Bailey in your life. There is always one around. Maybe it's your co-worker? Your neighbor? Your mom? Your Bishop? Your spouse? Maybe it's . . . you?

Give something back to your George Bailey. And I don't mean just a plate of cookies on their doorstep (though they are always nice to have). Give them something meaningful. Help them serve others. Christmas is a hard time for the George Baileys of the world. They see so much pain and need, and they give so much of themselves. They may not say it, but they have hardships too.

And I think that as we help the George Bailey in our lives, we'll find our own inner peace. Little by little we'll make our own corner of Bedford Falls a better place to live. And we'll see that we too are a George Bailey after all.

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Lisa is a mother to 3 energetic children and a wife to a George Bailey. She believes in finding joy in the journey and that motherhood is not about perfection--sometimes it's about surviving (with a smile). Lisa runs an uplifting blog called Pebbles and Piggytails. It's purpose is to inspire us during our down-hearted mommy moments and help us remember why we love being moms.

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