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A Different Kind of Parenting Resolution

There is so much hype these days on social media sites and soft news sources about how to parent, why you're a bad parent unless you do this that or some other totally random thing. We are inundated with "How You're Ruining Your Child's Life" posts pretty much daily. I can't scroll through my newsfeed even once without finding some sort of article detailing exactly HOW it is that I'm ruining my children basically forever.

It's exhausting.

I've been ruminating all these helpful how-to's for the last few days as we've settled into the new year. Resolutions for how to be a "better" mom were floating around in my head; unformed, uncommitted, and uninspired.

After serious contemplation, I've come to terms with why I can't set a specific goal in the mothering department... It's because I would fail.

Without question, without a doubt, any and all goals, resolutions, and wishes regarding being a better mom would end in my failure. I can't be better on my own. I'm only human, completely imperfect, and very, very tired.

It's not meant to be as depressing, and it's also not meant to infer that I ought to wallow in my craptastic parenting.

No, this realization does exactly one thing: Makes me turn to my Savior/ When I acknowledge my weakness, He can make me strong. (2 Nephi 3:13) 

The realization that any and all resolutions set to be a better parent will result in failure is freedom; freedom to accept imperfections as a human, as a parent, and as a mother.

It gives me freedom to say, "Today I will be better" and then when I'm not to say, "In this exact moment of utter frustration, I will not yell."

It is the freedom to say, "I just don't know what to do with this child!" and the freedom to apologize to a child when I make another mistake.

It is the freedom to admit that sometimes, I check my Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest more than is necessary, because I'm stuck in the house with these hooligans twenty four hours a day.

But above all, saying, "I can't get any better at this on my own," gives me the freedom to say to my Savior, "I need YOU."

Christ's grace is what gives me the freedom to say, "Through you, dear Lord, today I will strive to be more gentle, more patient, and more kind."

No. I will not be taking any 365 Challenges. No, I will not feel guilty if I check my phone at the park. No, I will not excuse myself for being lazy. But I will only resolve to turn more to Christ.Turn more to Him, lay it on Him, and be free.

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Morgan is a mom of five, herder of goats, chickens, children, etc on a hill in New Hampshire. When she has a spare moment, she writes, here and here.

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