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I Asked Nienie the Most Important Question, EVER

Stephanie Nielson, aka Nienie, spoke at Rootstech today.  As usual she inspired, uplifted, and awed everyone in the room (all 15,000 of us).

I think that most of our readers have already heard her story, and I don't really want to get into that, especially when I can just direct you to her superb book "Heaven is Here".

(However, I do anticipate some sweet printables coming soon with quotes from Stephanie's keynote.)

As one might assume, the Nielson's were very popular with the media and conference attendees alike, but I was incredibly lucky and got to ask them one question.

The most important question. 

A question that I have been pondering for weeks.

I asked Stephanie Nielson where she got her banisters in her new house.  Because look:
I'm "borrowing" this picture from Stephanie's blog.


The answer?  Custom made by a family friend.  A friend that I think will be getting a lot more business, because I won't be able to rest until I have a gorgeous banister worth bragging about.

And that is what I asked when placed in a glass media box with Stephanie and Christian Nielson for 20 seconds.  And they're so cool, they didn't even mind answering.

Seriously though, you'll have to watch Nienie's keynote once it's on the RootsTech website.  It was a great way to start an early morning Saturday.....any day really.

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