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The Pioneer Woman Came to Rootstech 2014

Rootstech may be about genealogy, but it's not always about the past.  Family history can begin today. Because time passes.  Always.  No matter how much I try, I cannot get time to stop (and believe me, I have tried).  And with each second, history is being made.  More specifically YOUR family's history.

The Pioneer Woman, whom is extremely charming and funny, came to Rootstech to remind everyone to document the moments of today.  Our stories.  Our history.  Our every day lives that, someday, will be cherished by our posterity.

Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, told the story of her newlywed days when she was given the Drummond Family Stories book.  It was all about her new husband's family, going generations back, with stories and pictures and details of their lives.  It fascinated her so much that it was one of the factors that inspired her start in blogging.  Because she knew she would be preserving her own family's stories, just like that book.

You don't need to have a major website or blog to preserve your family's history.  You can do it simply by posting on Facebook, or Instagram.  Random cell phone pictures of things like your child's lost tooth, or how you decorated your kitchen, may not seem like life altering moments.  But someday you'll be gone.  Someday your great great great granddaughter will look at those pictures and appreciate those moments of your life.  It will bridge the gap betwen generations.  It will make your name one that they feel they know.  And that is kind of amazing.

And besides, time passes way too quickly.  Our brains are not equip to remember all the moments of our lives.  So even if you don't have a great great great granddaughter, you'll enjoy looking back, even if it's five years, two years, last week.   Family history is happening, all the time.

Organizing our family history can be as easy as we want it to be.  Blogs, social media, computers in general, make it easy to organize and document our lives.  Caption a picture, write a status update about your kids, keep a digital journal.  Share your stories, and let the generations enjoy them for years to come.  Your life, your family's life, your every day moments are more important than you know.

If you want to see The Pioneer Woman's keynote at Rootstech 2014, check their website in a few weeks, and the video will be available to watch online.  It's totally worth watching too, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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